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A Stroke of Genius!


Genius is a modern cannabis lifestyle brand and it all starts with the Genius pipe.

This stylish and authoritative pipe will challenge any object in the room when it comes to its essence, function, and beauty and is guaranteed to become an excellent conversation piece. But only you, the holder of TOP Secret will know its try value. The Top Secret is: The One who smokes this pipe controls the room.

Genius High Roller

At Genius, they believe that they are at the forefront of many technological developments in smoking device making. Meet the High Roller. This latest model combines tradition and modernity. In it they wanted to bring you the reflection of a thousand year old tradition of pipe making. The imitation of a wooden surface gives the High Roller rich, polished look while keeping it indestructible. Find the one that speaks to you during this limited time offer. Don’t miss you moment to own this timeless piece.

Genius High Roller

Genius recognizes that life goes by quickly. It’s the little moments that meaning to our days, the small things that really make you grateful and appreciate the journey that life is. The new Genius Mini is your perfectly dimensioned companion, guaranteed to make you smile through all of life’s small but MINIngful moments. The Genius Mini 5.0 allows users to track all of life’s moments through an online profile page for your Pipe. That’s right, it’s the 21st century and even your pipe has an online profile! This way you can share your experiences with the Genius community and future generations to come.

Genius is the ultimate bragging device. Every little aspect of this masterpiece is tailored for your enjoyment. It’s slim, sexy and easy to use. Designed to fit your busy modern lifestyle, this pipe will become your most loved gadget. Genius guarantees it or your money back!

Behold all Genius users! The Genius Party Bowl is here! The Party Bowl locks right onto your Genius pipe to expand your bowl capacity by 4x. That’s four times more party per bowl! But that’s not all, it looks amazing with superior craftsmanship and design worthy of Genius.

Elegantly packaged in a collector’s worthy box, the water-free Dab Rig is about to change the world of dabbing. Choose from High Expectations or Gadget Genius Pipe, a Genius Taster v.2, a Grinder Slider v.2 and two acrylic concentrate containers. From the moment you open the box, you know that your dabbing experience is about to change forever!

Genius Water-Free Dab Rig

Behold the first item from the Geniuswear collection! As with Genius Pipe, you will find Genius backpack to be you everyday companion that will share short city walks and long journeys with you and be there when you need it and will server you well. As a modern cannabis user, you will appreciate awesome Genius backpack features including smell proof, water proof, soft padded leather interior, reflective Genius badge. The backpack can also turn into a bag or pouch!

Genius Backpack
Genius Backpack

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