IGrowCan – Royal Gorilla Automatic

The iGrowCan makes growing weed easier and stealthier than ever before. You don’t even need to go to the stores to buy soil or pots. Grow fast autoflowering strains that reach a maximum height of 23.4 inches, and harvest after just 10 weeks. Each can contain 2 seeds, a germination plug, and all of the growing media and nutrients you’ll need. Just follow the instruction manual!

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iGrowCan: Yes, You Too Can Grow Great Weed!

iGrowCan makes growing weed easier than ever before. This can-shaped vessel contains everything you need to turn a seed into a mature flower-bearing plant in just 10 weeks. The can even serves as the growing container—plants remain happily in the metal pot throughout the entire growing cycle. Grow cannabis anywhere in your home, or give iGrowCan to a friend as the perfect weed-related gift.

What’s in the Can?

At just 5.9 inches tall and 4.3 inches wide, the iGrowCan will arrive at your address in a discreet package. Open the lid to reveal the components within:

  • 2 autoflowering seeds of Royal Queen Seeds of your choice
  • 0 ozermination plug
  • 1.7l coco compost mix when expanded
  • High-quality organic cannabis nutrients
  • Instruction manual

The Eazy Plug germination plug within the iGrowCan originates from the Dutch Center of Cultivation Technology. With predetermined pH levels, the plug offers the best possible start to any cannabis grow. These biological devices self-regulate to maintain an exact air-to-water ratio, and the lack of borders (by layers of plastic or similar) air-prunes the roots, creating a healthy and vibrant network.

The coco compost arrives in a compact form and expands with the addition of water, making for light and discreet delivery. Finally, the organic nutrients provided supply all of the macro and micronutrients required to raise a healthy plant.

Choose Your Seeds

When buying the iGrowCan, select your strains from our list of top-shelf autoflowering genetics. Inside the can, they’ll reach a maximum height of 1 – 2 feet. Choose from these productive cultivars:

  • Northern Light Automatic
  • Fat Banana Automatic
  • Royal Cookies Automatic
  • Green Gelato Automatic
  • Royal AK Automatic
  • Royal Gorilla Automatic
  • Royal Critical Automatic
  • White Widow Automatic
  • Royal Kush Automatic
  • Royal Haze Automatic

How To Use iGrowCan

Follow the instructions below for the easiest growing experience of your life:

  1. Unpack the iGrowCan and open the lid.
  2. Empty the contents into a tray.
  3. Spray the coco plug with water and watch it expand.
  4. Apply water to the soil mix and place it into the can.
  5. Sow one seed into the plug and add the plug to the soil.
  6. Place the can in a sunny spot with a consistent temperature of between 18–28°C.
  7. Follow the instructions and watch your plant thrive.
  8. Harvest at around week 10.


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