Royal Queen Seeds – Tyson Corkscrew 3-Pack AUTO

Elevate your garden with champion genetics. Corkscrew Auto is a jacked strain created by RQS and Tyson 2.0 that packs an uplifting, energising haymaker punch and sweet tropical fruit aromas. Add her to your garden today and enjoy heavyweight harvests in just 13 weeks!

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Corkscrew Auto: For a Hard Hit of Uplifting Energy

Mike Tyson’s corkscrew can send even the biggest, toughest opponents to sleep on the mat. Corkscrew Auto, created in collaboration with Tyson 2.0 and RQS, is a hard-hitting testament to Mike’s Iron Fist that delivers an uplifting, energising blow right to your temples. Add her to your garden or tent today, and get ready to be blown away by this stocky heavyweight strain.

Corkscrew Auto Seeds: The Descendant of Cherry Pie Auto and Tangie

Combining genetics from Cherry Pie Auto and Tangie, this compact plant is hardy, easy to grow, and ripe with excellent flavours and aromas. She is slightly sativa dominant and can go the full 10 rounds, reaching harvest approximately 13 weeks after germination.

Effects, Flavours, and Aromas of Corkscrew Auto: A Sweet Treat Packed With Energising Power

Lighting up Corkscrew Auto is a treat fit for any occasion. Loaded with 19% THC, this auto packs a haymaker punch right to the temples, producing an almost immediate rush of cerebral energy that’ll elevate your mood and leave you feeling social, creative, and focused. Plus, her rich resin is packed with sweet, tropical terpenes that produce aromas and flavours laced with notes of candy-sweet citrus, pineapple, and other ripe fruit. Perfect for any time of the day when you’re after an uplifting, energy-packed buzz.

Growing Characteristics of Corkscrew Auto: Reliable and Fast to Finish

No strain would make our catalogue if it didn’t boast excellent growth traits. Corkscrew Auto combines 55% sativa genetics, 45% indica, and a touch of ruderalis, making for a hardy, vigorous, and fast-flowering auto plant that performs great inside, outside, or under the cover of a greenhouse. Just 12–13 weeks after sowing your seeds, this stocky bush will be packed with bulky colas drenched in sweet, potent resin. Corkscrew Auto plants typically grow to 70–100cm indoors, while outdoor plants can reach heights of 170cm. Come harvest time, these jacked ladies can deliver heavyweight yields of 450–500g/m² indoors and 90–175g/plant outdoors. Don’t miss your chance to grow a real champion this season!


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