Royal Queen Seeds – Tyson NYC Sour Diesel 5-Pack

Are you ready to enjoy one of Mike Tyson’s favourite strains? The legendary boxer helped to design this cultivar, and fell in love with it for its energetic high, soothing properties, and increasingly rare gassy flavours and aromas. Learn everything you need to know about this strain to see if it deserves a place in your corner.

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NYC Sour D Auto: A Cognitive High With Gassy Terpenes

In an exclusive collaboration with Tyson 2.0, we’re making Mike Tyson’s tailor-made weed strains available to all in seed form. Get to know NYC Sour D Auto below, one of the quickest in the lineup.

Genetics: When NY Diesel Met Sour Diesel Auto

Lightweight and speedy, NYC Sour D Auto inherited her agile but hard-hitting traits from NY Diesel and Sour Diesel Auto. This dynamic duo created a progeny with a sativa-dominant genetic profile that will happily stand in your corner when you need a heady pick-me-up.

Effects, Flavours, and Aromas: The NYC Sour D Auto Experience

When the bell rings, NYC Sour D Auto takes swift action and goes on the offensive. A matter of seconds after taking the first puff, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a flurry of euphoria, creative thinking, and physical relaxation. Alongside her pleasant high, NYC Sour D Auto serves up increasingly rare tastes of diesel, sourness, and lime.

Growing Characteristics: How Does This Tyson 2.0 Strain Perform?

The NYC Sour D Auto weed strain certainly belongs to the flyweight division. This light-footed lady grows to only 80cm indoors when trained appropriately, but rewards growers with up to 500g/m² in as little as 12 weeks after shoots emerge from the soil. Outdoors, she peaks at 150cm and produces up to 180g/plant.


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