Royal Queen Seeds USA Premium Autoflower – 3 Pack Royal Runtz

Royal Queen Seeds’ breeders crossed the original Royal Runtz with a prime ruderalis specimen to create a strain with a rapid lifecycle and marvellous flavors. With a bit of training, you can cultivate this variety almost anywhere, from small cupboards to the most concealed corners of your garden—she’ll serve up a canopy full of buds in a matter of weeks.

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Royal Runtz Auto: A Tasty and Productive All-Rounder

Everyone has a strain or two that they hold close to their heart. These varieties tick all of the boxes—they produce good harvests, offer pleasant effects, and taste amazing. After growing Royal Runtz Automatic, many cultivators quickly add this strain to their favorites. This impressive all-rounder will likely win you over too.

The genetic background of Royal Runtz Automatic

To create Royal Runtz Auto, our breeders simply crossed the photoperiod Royal Runtz with a ruderalis specimen. The original strain soared in popularity following its release; growers couldn’t resist her outlandish THC levels of 27% and flavors of candy. We decided to add some autoflowering genes into the mix for a quicker turnaround and a stealthier growing cycle.

Effects and flavors of Royal Runtz Auto

How does Royal Runtz Automatic compare to the original? Granted, her THC levels don’t reach the edge of 30%, however, 19% of the beloved cannabinoid mean she hits pretty hard for an auto. After a bong or a joint loaded with these flowers, expect an uplifting and energising feeling to wash over your body and mind. Flavors of candy and fruit make every toke a yummy treat.

Growing characteristics of Royal Runtz Automatic

If you want good yields as quickly as possible, Royal Runtz Auto has you covered. Indoors, she shoots to a height of 2.3 – 3.3 feet and churns out 12.3 – 15.9 oz/m². Apply a bit of training, and you can grow her in concealed cupboards and closets. Outdoors, she grows to slightly taller heights of 46.8 inches and produces rewarding yields of 2.5 – 3.5 oz per plant. After placing seeds in the soil, you’ll only have to wait 10–11 weeks before harvesting buds.


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