Royal Queen Seeds USA Premium Feminized – 3 Pack Wedding Cake

Are you looking for something new and different? Allow us to introduce you to Wedding Cake! This potent indica-dominant hybrid offers a terpene profile seldom found elsewhere. Enjoy intense sugary notes accompanied by impressive levels of THC. Make sure you’ve cleared your schedule for the rest of the day to really enjoy the stoning and euphoric properties of this lovely lady.

3-Pack of seeds!

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Sweet terpenes. High levels of THC. Superb yields. What else could you ask for? Wedding Cake ticks all of the boxes, leaving growers satisfied and accomplished. Enjoy everything this indica-dominant lady has to offer.

Breeders Crossed Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie to Create Wedding Cake

You’ll quickly autumn head over heels for Wedding Cake. Our breeders created this sweet and stoning USA Premium variety by marrying Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie. This union birthed a progeny that inherited the best traits from each parent, including a mouth-watering terpene profile and boatloads of THC.

Flavours and Effects of Wedding Cake

Earthiness. Herbs. Candy. Every hit of these flowers will leave you pining for another. Wedding Cake tastes great in joints and bong bowls, but loading them into a vape will give you a true taste of what they have to offer. As the flavour begins to wane on your tongue, THC levels of 23% quickly take hold, exerting a powerful high that stones the body and enlivens the mind.

Growing Characteristics of Wedding Cake

Low on space? No worries. You can easily get away with growing Wedding Cake in hidden nooks in your home or in the stealthiest spot in your garden. Apply training early, and you can keep indoor plants at a height of 70cm. Despite their small size, they’ll manage to produce up to 500g/m². Get ready to harvest after a flowering phase of 8–10 weeks. Outdoors, this variety peaks at a height of 150cm and develops a bushy and productive canopy. You’ll find yourself harvesting up to 600g/plant during early October.


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