Seedsman Seeds Alaskan Bananaberry Autoflower 5-Pack

Fast-cycle autoflowering hybrid strain with great tolerance to a wide range of conditions and climates. Buds display purple colouration with cooler temperatures towards maturity.

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Alaskan Bananaberry Auto is an indica / sativa hybrid cross with parentage of Alaskan Purple and Strawberry Banana Punch Auto. Easy to grow, even for complete beginners, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto is tolerant of a wide range of conditions and climate types with good resistance to both humidity and drought.

Our latest auto is a very fast developer, reaching maturity in approximately eight weeks from seed through to harvest. A versatile plant, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto can be cultivated in all environments – greenhouse, outdoors as well as indoors. Outdoor yields max. out at 450 gr/plant although growers in higher latitudes and later in the growing season will see returns of 200 gr/plant. The mature buds are green and display purple shades where temperatures drop significantly. Resistance to mould is said to be high with bud density rated as medium. Indoor growers should be awatre that this is quite a loud strain that will benefit from good carbon air filtration.

Scents and flavours are earthy, fruity and with floral notes while THC levels are high at between 16 – 24%, making this a potent, rewarding and pleasing strain for growers that will ensure a good night’s sleep for all, such are its restful, dreamy qualities.


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