Seedsman Seeds Blue Dream Feminized 3-Pack FAST

Faster-finishing version of the popular Blue Dream with good harvests of uplifting sativa buds.

Blue Dream FAST is the faster finishing version of Blue Dream, a strain created by crossing Blueberry Ice with Haze. This is a mostly sativa strain that is quite easy to grow and which produces very good yields in a faster flowering period. It has an average resistance to plant pests and diseases and develops blue leaves.

When cultivated indoors Blue Dream FAST plants will reach a height of approx. 180 cm. and require two weeks of vegetative growth followed by an eight week flowering period to produce yields of 400 – 500 gr/m2 under 600w of LED lighting using Advanced Nutrients.

Plants that are grown outdoors will be most successful either in a continental climate region, such as that of central Europe, or in a Mediterranean / Californian type. Outdoors, plants grow to be around 250 cm. and are ready to harvest between late September and mid-October. Each plant should yield 600 – 700 gr. of dried buds.

Blue Dream FAST has a fruity hash type of scent with sweet, fruity berry and citrus flavours. THC content is between 18 – 20% while CBD and CBG are both less than 1%. The effect is powerfully cerebral and euphoric as one would expect from a heavily sativa-dominant cannabis strain.


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