Seedsman Seeds Gelato 41 BX Feminized 5-Pack

Cup-winning strain Gelato #41 crossed back to itself to lock in specifically-desired attributes. Easy to grow, with high yields and sky-high THC content.

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Back-crossed indica-dominant Gelato #41 has resulted in a variety that is easy to grow while being very productive, adaptable to all environments and a wide range of climates from temperate through to hot. This is a plant that will delight the novice grower as well as the experienced connoisseur.

Originally developed by top Cali breeder Sherbinski, this Cup-winning, indica-dominant hybrid was first created by crossing Sunset Sherbert with Thin Mint Cookies and is also known as Bacio Gelato. No stranger to competitions, Gelato 41 won the very first legal High Times California (Central Valley) Cannabis Cup in the Indica category.

Gelato 41 BX grows very tall at over 200cm, especially when grown outdoors with its roots in the soil. In this environment, or in a greenhouse, yields can be as high as 750 gr/plant. Plants will be ready at the end of September or early October in northern latitudes while plants grown in the southern hemisphere are due in March. Indoor growers can expect harvests between 450 – 600 gr/m2 in an 8 – 10 week flowering period. Resistance to mould is high which adds to its ease of cultivation, even more so for newbies. Extract makers will also find much to cheer with Gelato 41 BX. Indoor growers should be aware that carbon air filters should be used as plants produce a very loud odour during flowering. Gelato 41 Bx is rich in the terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, linalool, humulene and trans-nerolidol.

The scent is Skunky and floral with notes of orange, cinnamon, lavender and hops while its flavour is sweet and includes notes of cream, hazelnuts, chocolate, spices, pine, and earth. THC levels are extremely high and can reach 30% or even more, while CBD is low at around 1% or less. The effect is highly potent and euphoric, lending itself to relaxing, watching movies and lazy days and nights. It is not recommended for novice consumers due to its very high potency.

Gelato 41Bx is the only Gelato strain you need!


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